Curator & Writer

Three Act Structure
S1 Artspace, Sheffield, UK, 2014

Three Act Structure brought together the work of S1’s Studio artists across three evolving exhibitions in the gallery over the space of nine weeks.

The exhibition included work by Allie Carr, James Clarkson, Joseph Cutts, Jerome Harrington, Vicky Hayward, George Law, Anna McQuillin, Lindsey Mendick, Emily Musgrave, Mark Riddington, Lucy Vann and Roanna Wells.

For this project the fifteen artists came together to re-examine the S1 Members’ show and to test out conceptual relationships inherent within the context of a group exhibition and outside the established parameters of S1’s open-plan studios.

S1 members Natalie Finnemore and David McLeavy were commissioned for their first major collaborative work to produce a large-scale and adjustable structure that acts as a device to pull together and present new work by all the artists, including work made specifically for Three Act Structure.

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