Curator & Writer 

As We Were
Joy Labinjo
Bloc Projects, Sheffield, UK, 2019

As We Were is an exhibition by artist Joy Labinjo looking at recurring themes including identity, the complexity of familial relationships and what it means to immortalise characters through the application of paint. 

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International Research Trip
Bergen, Norway, 2018

In October 2018 I facilitated an international research trip for a small group of artists and curators to Bergen, Norway through Bloc Projects, Sheffield, UK.

The research trip included meetings and studio visits with artists, curators, collectives, organisations large institutions. 

Rachel Adams
Bloc Projects, Sheffield, UK, 2018

Lowlight is an exhibition by artist Rachel Adams looking at hidden systems of technology, the relationship between the digital and handmade and the nature of a continuous working environment. 

The exhibition was produced in partnership with David Dale Gallery, Glasgow. Noon opened at David Dale Gallery, Glasgow earlier in the year. 

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Double Dropping on a Phantom Island Michaela Cullen & Declan Colquitt
The Newbridge Project, Gateshead, UK, 2018

Double Dropping on a Phantom Island was an exhibition and new colaborative work by artists Michaela Cullen and Declan Colquitt exploring ideas of recollection and the slippage of time through themes of Irish pilgrimage and Northern dance music. 

In an attempt to define place and identity, both artists moved backwards in time, locking into the inert temporalities of childhood, the suspended time of mythology and the acceleration of the recent past. These movements encompass remarks on delirium, displacement and lost futures.

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